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What’s red, white and party-ready all over?

Here at MTL PHOTOBOOTHS we believe festivities never go out of season but the commercial holidays do become a little sparse between Valentines day and Easter. This makes it harder to get in the hurrah hurrah spirit. That’s why this week, we thought we’d do our part with a recap of one of our favourite holiday party fits from last year. It’s November 2022, we are in the Deloitte building in downtown Montreal and Le SOCIAL booth is dressed to impress in a Red Carpet upgrade with a crown of white balloons. It’s giving classy, it’s giving corporate-chic, it’s giving the perfect balance of professionalism and glamour that will delight your staff and HR team. Win-win!

Shout-out here to Luluthia Design – The Party Room for the decorations, design, and food and drinks – basically everything that could make you wish you were there. This is probably one of our favourite parts of what we do! We get to be there at the best of times (seriously, who is going to be grumpy around free food and drinks?), and get to work with and meet some super cool, talented people. Local business owners, Montreal artists and interesting people in general. Networking is valuable, and making friends as an adult is hard.

For this particular Winter Wonderland themed party, we brought our signature champagne backdrop, a ton of fun photo accessories (bubble-gun most definitely included), and elevated it all with a classy red carpet sprawl. The red carpet upgrade can be found in our deluxe 3 hour booking packages for both our Le PRINTO and Le SOCIAL photo booths. As always, our packages include a custom photo overlay, photobooth set-up, delivery, take down and, depending on which photo booth attendant is present, some extra cheer, dancing and dad jokes.

SOCIAL’s superpower is sharing the best moments of the party easily and quickly. We know you’re in a rush to take advantage of that company-catered food and drink, but you also want to share the awesome boomerang you just took with your manager and N+2 where you looked so good. Le SOCIAL gives you a QR code for quick and easy text and social media sharing so you don’t compromise on either. Cheers (and bon appetit) to that!

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