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Mid-February is a time when Montreal cannot make up its mind between -20 and 4 degrees Celsius. There are piles of cold, grey slush and ice to match the bleak, grey skyline. The sun is in its quiet quitting phase while street festivals and spikeball in the park are hibernating before they take the spotlight again in a few months. Of course there’s a grand selection of hip bars with interior brick walls and your A-type friend who lives by themselves organizing get- togethers, but what’s a Montrealer to do for some extra fun and pizzazz?

Well… MTL PHOTOBOOTHS has got your itching to get off the couch back. Inherently and shamelessly self-promoting, our solution is to do exactly that: a party in a hip bar but with a twist you definitely did not see coming: a photo booth!

But not just any photo booth! Our coveted, client-favourite Le PRINTO photo booth paired with our coveted, client favourite photo booth attendant, the amazing bubble-gun wielding Danylo. It’s an absolutely unbeatable duo, known around our offices as the seasonal depression destroyer pack.

To prove ourselves as a totally reliable fact source with a side FOMO, check out this gorgeous birthday party we helped host at Cirka Bar.

Dazzling smiles everywhere? Check.

Danylo, Le PRINTO and booze blasting away winter blues? Check.

You, the reader, thinking “whoa, this looks awesome, I’d love to find out some more information about how I can forever elevate my parties with a photo booth”? CHECK.

The thing about our Le PRINTO booth is that she likes to linger in your life (in a positive, totally constructive way). The instant printing option allows you to give your guests a little take-home to remember the night by. The print is completely customized to how you want it to look and prints within seconds of taking the photo. In a sea of social media posts and thousands of photos on your phone you never actually look at again, go old school and stick this print on your fridge, vision board or in the bottom of your dresser.

Our photo booths always include delivery, set-up, a backdrop, photobooth accessories and an awesome attendant. Check our our Le PRINTO photo booth here, or shoot a message over to hello@mtlphotobooths.com to talk to a human about photo booths, this article or what you would rather: 3 extra months of Montreal summer or only 3 months a year of construction (and the city is in tip top shape).

all photos in this article are copyright of and were made by Isabella Rosa from Ella Photography